Bad Mood Mom

Jamie Broza

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“BAD MOOD MOM is Memorable, Magical & Melodic”

– Jamie Lee Curtis

“Raffi and the Pied Piper have nothing on Jamie Broza. His marvelous, buoyont music hits kids where they live. They’ll love it! We played and replayed them and enjoyed them tremendously!”

- Stan and Jan Berenstain,

Creators of the Berenstain Bears

Four-time Emmy Award-winning composer/orchestrator/performer Jamie Broza bursts onto the children’s entertainment scene with his new studio CD, Bad Mood Mom. Born of Broza’s experiences as a father of three kids, Bad Mood Mom looks at life through the eyes of a child from ages one to seven, in musical styles ranging from rock to gospel to jazz.

Imagine if a kid wrote a rock ‘n roll song about those times when his mom was super stressed and super grumpy. Or a ‘70s style funk song from a kid who “just turned six last Saturday night" and and is "so happy ‘bout it!” Or “Secrets,” a four-year-old’s description of his private, no-other-siblings-allowed, play dates with his grandparents. The CD also contains “Are We There Yet?” a definitive – and hilarious – interplay between parents and their children on a car trip, complete with incessant teasing, arguing grown-ups, and a harmonica-practicing brother. Any parents who have ever found themselves at the end of their rope will relate to Bad Mood Mom, and kids will find these songs as funny and right on as their parents do.

The disc’s cover art and ten-page booklet are by Laura Cornell, known for her many best-selling children’s book collaborations with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Bad Mood Mom is filled with humor, insight and intelligence. From the endless struggles to get to school on time, to the wills and won’ts of an obstreperous five-year-old, and a two-year-old’s glee at his/her newfound power, this is an album that all families can appreciate!

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