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Jamie Broza


A Parents’ Choice Recommended Selection!

“Jamie Broza's latest CD bears his off-the-beaten path signature stamp, a mix of jazz rhythms, conversational narratives and unexpected vocal touches, spoken and sung...” click here for the full review

“[I Want a Dog] is a lively, playful delight from beginning to end….”

– Midwest BookReview

"My eldest son (6) was completely riveted to this CD.
Every time I had it playing he would just stand and listen.
He is very intent on catching every word. "

– themamareport.com

"This CD was full of funny lyrics and fun music and would be
the perfect addition to your child's music library
ABCD Diaries gives Jamie Broza's
"I Want a Dog" an A+!"

"Not only are the songs clever, but the children signing along
with the adults are wonderful. Most importantly...I didn't want
to poke my eyeballs out after my son asked me to play the
CD for the FOURTH time in a row"

– This Mama Loves her Bargains

This Latin-infused album features a guest appearance by Jamie’s cousin, Israeli superstar David Broza. Israeli sensation David Broza, heard singing in Spanish and playing lead classical guitar on “Guatemala,” is recognized as one of the most dynamic and vibrant performers in the singer/songwriter universe. Critics have labeled Broza "a post-modern Leonard Cohen" and the "Stevie Ray Vaughan of folk rock” and have compared him to Bruce Springsteen, Gordon Lightfoot, and Jackson Browne.

Although the CD opens with some fine canine rhythmic banter on its title track, don’t expect 41 minutes of strictly dog talk.  Get set for more surprises than you ever thought possible on one disc. If families are ready for something REALLY different, they should check out I Want a Dog!  There has never been anything like it.

For many of the songs on I Want a Dog! Jamie Broza has brilliantly called upon the sophisticated stylings of Brazilian bossa nova, which experienced a tidal wave of popularity in the 1960s but often flies under the radar of today’s young families. Those who are hip to the sounds of Antonio Carlos Jobim will appreciate the narrative potential of bossa nova’s way of spinning out a gently undulating conversational melody spiced with a gently syncopated rhythmic lilt.  This is music that never gets in the way of the lyrics, creating the ultimate story-song setting. And what lyrics Broza has created!  Listening to I Want a Dog! is almost like listening to the sound track of a hysterically zany home movie -- a document of off-the-wall family fun creatively imbued with terrific comedic timing and brainy humor. 

The album’s third track, Jobim’s classic, Waters of March,” sets the pace for the rest of I Want a Dog! with an elegant Brazilian/Latin sound that artistically pulls together the CD in fine style. “Waters of March” is the only cover on I Want a Dog! and provides an excellent vehicle for a conversational vocal duet between Jamie and his daughter Carmen. Equal time is provided cat lovers with two whimsically tuneful feline narratives. A heartfelt and appropriate message is sent to parents who suffer from excessive cell phone disorder, with ”Turn That Phone Off,” followed by a tuneful Spanish lesson (“Guatemala”) and lighthearted but insightful songs about a bad case of “new school” fear, the perils of birthday parties, a little “just say no” therapy, and a dash of Halloween spookiness set to a Latin beat, all humorously interrupted by recurring performances from a group of three blind and rather nutty mice who sing in sweeter harmony than chipmunks.

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