My Daddy Is Scratchy

Jamie Broza

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My Daddy is Scratchy wins 2005 NAPPA Gold Award!

My Daddy is Scratchy wins the Parents' Choice Silver Award for 2005!

My Daddy is Scratchy wins Dr. Toys Top 10 CDs of 2005!

Jamie Broza is back and better than ever. Giving fair play to dads,‘My Daddy is Scratchy’ follows on the heels of Broza’s first children’s recording, ‘Bad Mood Mom (and other Good-Mood Songs),’ winner of the prestigious Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award and named one of the ten best children’s CDs of 2003 by Child magazine.s

 ‘My Daddy is Scratchy’ picks up where Jamie’s,‘Bad Mood Mom’ , left off, offering eleven originals that explore the things that really matter to kids: avoiding vegetables, enduring embarrassing parents (especially when they SING), refusing to go to school, wheedling a few more minutes before bed. Stylistically, ‘My Daddy is Scratchy’ runs the gamut from rock to jazz to country, with one song, ”Mommy is a Dynamo,” sounding like a Hollywood musical-number from the 50’s. According to the Los Angeles Times, “accomplished musician and TV, film and stage composer Jamie Broza nails the rewards and challenges of parenthood with resonant wisdom, empathy, and humor from both parents’ and kids’ points of view … With an expert, creative touch, Broza’s tracks play like catchy numbers from a stage-worthy musical.”

Kids love to hear other kids talk and sing – and there are lots of kids on ‘My Daddy Is Scratchy’. Three of the songs are duets with children and another song is a duet Jamie sings with his own father! The CD also features the fabulous Nora York who steps in with some Mom parts. Here are some comments about his last release.

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