Jamie Broza

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Paws: 2

Nails: Short (Clean)

Coat: L.L.Bean

Recently, Jamie and Dusty sat down, rolled over and answered a few questions for their fans.

Where were you born?

Jamie: Manhattan, in a mid-town hospital.

Dusty: Tennessee, in a back-alley.

Who rescued you?

Jamie: My wife Margot.

Dusty: My friends at the North Shore Animal League.

Where did you learn about music?

Jamie: My father was a musical director who dragged me to recording sessions featuring the likes of Fred Astaire, Zero Mostel and Ann Margret.

Dusty: I’m a natural. I’ve been howling at the moon since I was a pup.

What’s your favorite food?

Jamie: A delicious fresh salad.

Dusty: Chicken wing or shrimp tail found on the sidewalk.

Favorite yoga pose?

Jamie: Downward-facing dog.

Dusty: Upward-facing belly. (Scratch me, please!)

Favorite activity?

Jamie: Chasing mice! Like the 3 blind ones on tracks 5, 11 and 16.

Dusty: Chasing cats! Like Charlie on track 13.

Least favorite activity?

Jamie: Shampooing Dusty.

Dusty: Taking a bath.

What do you hope to accomplish with this CD?

Jamie: That people will adopt more rescue animals!

Dusty: That I’ll get more treats! (And that people will adopt more rescue animals!)


Paws: 4

Nails: Long (Not So Clean)

Coat: Fur

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