Jamie Broza

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Bad Mood Mom

This hysterical debut album won a Parents' Choice Gold Award, a NAPPA Honors Award and made many best-of lists in 2003. "Memorable, magical and melodic" says Jamie Lee Curtis; it will have you grinning, groaning, giggling, and snapping fingers too.

My Daddy Is Scratchy

Does your child refuse his/her vegetables? Opt not to get up to go to school? Find you embarrassing? It's all here in this hilarious Parents’ Choice Award-winning CD which Barnes and called “One of the best kids' albums of 2005 -- or any year, for that matter …”

The Berenstain Bears Save Christmas

Good Mood Records presents the musical version of the deeply loved book -- Based on a musical that opened in Omaha, Nebraska in 2005, The Berenstains, Elliot Lawrence and Jamie Broza teamed up to bring this best-selling book to life.

I Want A Dog!

Jamie Broza’s latest CD features a duet with his real-life cousin, David Broza - the Springsteen of Israel! It won the Parents’ Choice Award and The Mama Report calls it “a lively delight from beginning to end!” It contains some of Jamie’s most beautiful songs to date.